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Showcasing Creativity: Exhibition Highlights

In the relatively short time that Hobbo has been painting semi-professionally, he has made significant strides in sharing his work with a wider audience. The exhibitions he has participated in have been pivotal platforms for showcasing his art, receiving positive feedback, and successfully selling many pieces. This journey, though still in its early stages, is one that Hobbo is proud of and excited to continue building upon


October 2023

'Mona' Graces Letchworth Art Show

Letchworth Open Art Show

Broadway Gallery

HobbART's contemporary interpretation of the iconic Mona Lisa, was proudly shortlisted for display at the Broadway Gallery as part of the Letchworth Open Art Show. This vibrant reinterpretation resonated with art enthusiasts and collectors alike, ultimately finding a new home with a discerning buyer. This achievement serves as a testament to HobbART's growing recognition in the art community

May 2023

Art Auctioned for a Local Cause:
Art for the Pavilion 


In "Puddles on Wibbly Wobbly Lane," Hobbo masterfully captures the essence of a charming local lane, with lush hedgerows, vibrant flowers, and his signature theme—a blackbird, standing out against the landscape. This beautiful piece was graciously donated to an auction, with proceeds going towards funding a new sports and arts pavilion, highlighting Hobbo's dedication to both his community and the arts. The painting not only illustrates the local scenery but also Hobbo's unique ability to blend the beauty of nature with his distinctive artistic touch.

September 2022

Art in the Community: Artisans in the Yard,


Hobbo's vibrant artwork can often be found at "Artisans in the Yard", a quaint local community gallery that offers a supportive space for local artists. This charming spot has proven to be the perfect venue for Hobbo to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors alike, with several of his original pieces finding new homes through sales at the gallery.

January 2022

Unleashing Creativity: HobbART's Debut Solo Art Show

HobbART Unleashed

Grays Inn Road, London.

The HobbART Unleashed exhibition in 2022 marked a pivotal moment in Hobbo's artistic journey. Showcasing 25 remarkable paintings created during the lockdown, this solo debut was a testament to his dedication and prolific creativity during challenging times. Each piece reflected Hobbo's unique perspective, encapsulating his experiences and emotions in vibrant acrylics. This exclusive event not only introduced Hobbo's art to the world but also proved to be a significant success, with most of the original pieces finding new homes with art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

September 2020

Shortlisted for the Prestigious Sir John Hurt Art Award
Holt Festival of Art

Holt, Norfolk

In 2020, Hobbo's refreshing talent was recognized when he was shortlisted for the prestigious Sir John Hurt Art Award at the Holt Festival of Arts. His submission, 'Red Kite Over Pirton,' is an exquisite acrylic landscape measuring 1m x 1m, that echoes the vibrant style of David Hockney. The piece intricately captures the beauty of the natural world and stands testament to Hobbo's skill in manipulating color and form to create a harmonious and captivating visual narrative.

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