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Dive into the vivid world of Hobbo, an artist who has seamlessly transitioned from theater set design to the contemporary art scene. Hobbo's artistic roots are grounded in the dynamic realm of theater, where he crafted large-scale sets that laid the groundwork for his signature style—a blend of bold colors and grand canvases.

With a past painted on the gritty canvas of urban landscapes, Hobbo's youthful ventures into street art and graffiti infuse his canvas paintings with spontaneity and a rebellious edge. His journey hasn't been linear; despite a detour into the world of IT and telecommunications, art remained his true calling.

The 2020 lockdowns ignited Hobbo's most ambitious project: a series of 25 paintings that encapsulate his artistic evolution. This creative outpouring led to his debut exhibition "HobbART Unleashed" in London, showcasing his unique artistic language that melds color, emotion, and scale in a captivating dance. Hobbo's journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the pursuit of one's passions against all odds.

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